IndustryWorks designs and then makes things.  In fact a variety of custom things for commercial and retail businesses helping satisfy the needs of small and medium sized businesses.  From point of sale displays, to custom garments, to interior furnishings all the way to complete interior solutions, IndustryWorks brings together a variety of materials and unique styles to solve problems of constrained space, tight budgets, and even aggressive time frames on occasion.

Founded by Brian Sullivan, IndustryWorks came about in 1997 during a long motorcycle sabbatical ride in Australia which came about at a pivotal time while running a screen printing company he had started in college 8 years prior.  Looking for new avenues to explore, new challenges, he founded the company to help businesses create new spaces and to satisfy his need to design from scratch and then physically manifest things.  One might say it is a business of passion and intention.  We still engage in the garment industry when called upon by existing clients to help with creating custom garments but don’t solicit new work in that arena.

Located in turn of the century warehouse in the Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco IndustryWorks has 15 yrs of experience designing unique solutions to difficult problems by pulling together a variety of manufacturing processes to create truly unique products.  Unlike many businesses in the market that use only a handful of materials, or stick to one area of expertise, we draw from hundreds of materials and their requisite manufacturing processes to shape solutions that are at once unique and made with quality craftsmanship.

The nature of custom manufacturing is difficult and demanding but with our vast experience we can help guide you through the difficult process of a store or restaurant opening, through the product design process, integrating an existing style into a new fixture, or almost any job that requires an individual approach to a difficult task.  We make things no one else can.