St. George Spirits – Absinthe Still Platform

St. George Spirits is an artisan distillery in Alameda, CA.  Located on the old naval air force base in a 110,000 sq ft hangar where they produce some of the finest spirits in America.  They produce and bottle the spirits on the premises and give tours as well as hold private events and educational seminars.  In 2007 Congress repealed the almost century old ban on producing and selling absinthe in the United States.  Later that year St. George started producing one of the world’s best absinthes and was the first in the U.S. to bring it to the market.  With that came a need for more capacity and a new large capacity still, and something to put it on.  Lance Winters commissioned us to produce a platform worthy of the artwork that is a Holstein Still to house the new production abilities.  We came up with a base inspired by Parisian streets, the Eiffel Tower, and the industrial art of steel work reminiscent of the bay bridge.  Measuring over 12×24′ and weighing over 11,000lbs this still platform not only looks great but is more than strong enough for multiple stills, large tour groups, a good place to hide under should the big one strike as well as acting as a great stage for various events at the distillery.


SGS Still Platform 1  SGS Still Platform Front SGS Still Platform Angle SGS Still Platform Above