Delphi iPad Stand

The iPad has become a part of everyday life in ways unexpected and indispensable in such a variety of environments, especially small business.  For the more elegant solutions in both the home and in business we developed the Delphi iPad stand.  Its solid wood construction and sturdy hardware make it rugged enough for almost any location and all the while looking elegant.  The stand articulates the iPad to any position you might ever need to use it in.  With its swivel base it makes it easy to rotate towards your customer for a signature or to show someone your favorite web page.

The Delphi Stand comes in 2 basic styles, one for the original iPad and the other for the newer form factor for versions 2,3 and 4.  You can also add an integrated USB cord wrap and cord.  Shipping to anywhere in the continental U.S. is a flat $20.


iPad Model


iPad Stand Front iPad Stand Side iPad Stand Detail iPad Stand Back