Custom Work – Evo Spa

Each and every situation calls for a unique solution.  And with that the right materials and style must marry exactly with the problems to be solved, the uses to be had.  A spa must emanate a sense of calm, a feeling of peace, an air of relaxation.  With all that in mind we chose a primary theme of walnut and copper, and for the style a simple elegant approach mixed with a rustic charm.  These were the starting blocks used for many of the fixtures created for the spa.  The fountain is made from copper that was hand pounded and textured and again shaped around unmilled teak wood for the troughs for the water to cascaded down from.  The frame itself was styled with Asian architectural influences and uses rusted steel vertical standard that acts as a catch to help divide the room in half with a curtain (not shown) when needed.

Fountain Front Fountain Detail 1 Fountain Oblique Display Cabinet 1 Display Cabinet 2 Display Cabinet 3